Taylor Swift returns with Midnights, a new studio album in which she reviews nightmares, exorcises demons and insomnia music. A gift to her fans, whose pre-launch she has had an unexpected vehicle: TikTok

There are few artists as prolific as Taylor Swift: at 32 years old, the Pennsylvanian has a dozen studio albums, and two of them have been recorded twice with more brilliance and improved versions, as if they were video game remakes. The last one with new material, Midnights (which is published on October 21), has been a surprise. A conceptual album that revolves around sleepless nights and that has served the singer to have a great time with her presentation. Swift has a habit of playing with her fans —swifties— of hers in each release of hers, in campaigns in which she leaves clues and mysteries to gradually reveal the album. At Midnights, the process has been similar. She took advantage of an awards show—the VMAs, at the end of August—to announce that she had a new album on the way (something important, because in theory Swift had four albums to re-record before releasing new material). From her She urged her fans to meet her on her social networks "at midnight", the time at which she revealed the name of her album (Midnights, in Spanish).

A game in which she even included style changes: her wardrobe since the pre-launch began has been tinged with disco nostalgia. Something that seems trivial, but that she herself has confessed on several occasions that she uses it to send clues. And, finally, he has used his TikTok to reveal (in a section called something like "lag at midnight with me") the titles of the songs, using "an advanced technological device": an Aliexpress bingo, in the which —accompanied by elevator music and with all the props of a fabulous night at Imserso— was taking out a ball with the name of each song. Swift's bet on TikTok, by the way, should serve as a warning to navigators and proof of the extent to which Meta have destroyed the platform: Taylor was and is one of the queens of Instagram —226 million followers, close to the top 10 worldwide—and on Tik Tok it has just 14 million.

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And her sense of smell is not something to be underestimated. In fact, the second half of her career has been built on all the times someone disparaged her nose, her talent, or her way of doing things. Because Taylor can be purity, the girl who one day in 2014 invited 89 fans to spend the day with her at her home in Rhode Island to listen to her new album (1989), give them cookies she made and introduce them to her parents. But she is also the relentless Taylor, the one who at 13 was already recording demos of her own songs and at 14 she was slamming doors at record labels for not taking her career seriously. The same one that has said “no” to the next Super Bowl because she is busy with the best of revenge: rerecording her first albums to sink the guy who paid 330 million dollars to keep —among others— the recordings of his six first albums. The idea, as Swift herself communicated to her fans, is that when they are re-recorded, only her new versions are heard and the others do not take a euro in listening, sales or the like.

While other people learned to make origami or artisan bread during the pandemic, Taylor Swift - who had to cancel a world tour, although that is no excuse for the new album: it has such a pull that it does not need new material to tour - was dedicated to cook a future in which the buyer, Scott Braun (ex-manager of Swift and manager of Ariana Grande, among others, and whom Taylor has crucified in networks) regrets that movement. That's why Midnights has been a surprise: the Taylor's Versions, as the two re-recordings she has done to date are called, have not only been best sellers and super listeners, but have also given her unexpected joy. In November 2021, Swift released All Too Well, a breakup ballad that was originally missing on track 5 of Red's 13 songs—her favorite number—as a single. She did so in a 10+ minute remake, backed by of a short film directed by her and, of course, another little revenge story: All Too Well was one of her favorite songs and her record company at the time wouldn't let her release it as a single. A decade later, and already master of her destiny, Swift proved that the song could be number one, despite its length, try new things—direct—and mark another notch in her record of things Taylor was right about.