An unpredictable choice for the iconic psychopathroll when Stephen King's thriller is staged on the theater stage in London.
"Heeeere's Benny!"

Ben Stiller, still perhaps most associated with quirky comedies such as "Zoolander" and "Night at the Museum", gets to start practicing his psychotic laughter. He will soon take over the role of Jack Torrance when "The Shining" is staged as a play in London's theater district, West End.

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Deadline writes that Stiller is currently negotiating the role, and in that case will move into the Overlook Hotel already this winter.

The role of the author Jack Torrance, who takes the family to a deserted hotel where he will finish writing a novel but eventually loses his mind, was played by a frighteningly good Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick's film from 1980. Not to forget is also Steven Weber who did a separate interpretation in a miniseries in the 90s.
However, the theatrical version of "The Shining" will be closer to Stephen King's classic novel from 1977 than Kubrick's film adaptation (a film that King, by the way, infamously misses).