On April 13, the universe of the "Harry Potter" saga will come alive again thanks to the third installment of "Fantastic Beasts". And the trailer gives us a glimpse of the clash between Dumbledore and his nemesis Grindelwald.

"The magic returns", tells us the poster of Fantastic Beasts 3. Expected on April 13 in our theaters, this new episode of the spin-off of the Harry Potter saga will send us back to the corridors of Hogwarts alongside Dumbledore (Jude Law ), whose secrets will obviously occupy the heart of the story, if we are to believe the title of David Yates' film. But the new trailer does not reveal them.


In view of the end of the previous opus, one of them should concern Credence, back in the guise of Ezra Miller. Even Grindelwald, big bad now embodied by Mads Mikkelsen and no longer Johnny Depp, that these new images show us a little more.

Because it is because of the war he wants to wage between wizards and Muggles that Dumbledore will be forced to set up a team to thwart his plans. And to face it face-to-face, as some images of what seems to be the final fight show.

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Will this scene end with the fall of Grindelwald, which will lead to his life imprisonment (and his murder by Voldemort in 1998, according to the chronology of the facts established by J.K. Rowling)? Originally, the Fantastic Beasts saga was to have five episodes, but the disappointing results of the second in theaters may have led Warner to secure its back.

It would therefore not be surprising if the Grindelwald arc ended in The Secrets of Dumbledore, even if it meant leaving the door open for other films and threats. While waiting to be fixed, it should be noted that Norbert Dragonneau (Eddie Redmayne) now seems to play a more secondary role in the saga of which he was to be the hero, but that his fantastic animals will obviously have a use in the dantesque combat which is announced. . Verdict on April 13.