The popular game series where Disney meets "Final Fantasy" gets a fourth game, which seems to take place in our world.
As the "Kingdom Hearts" series turns 20, Square Enix revealed that "Kingdom Hearts IV" is under development, as you can see a trailer for about 4 minutes into the clip below.
The "Kingdom Hearts" series is a Japanese role-playing game series that mixes elements from the "Final Fantasy" series and Disney movies, where you get to visit worlds from movies like "The Lion King", "Frost" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".
After the events of "Kingdom Hearts III", we see Sora wake up in a city called Quadratum, which looks very much like a realistic interpretation of Tokyo. However, we also get to see that Kalle and Långben are involved, so it does not seem that we need to worry that Disney characters will not appear.
Maybe we should visit popular movies like "Encanto" and "Turning Red" in the fourth game?

Square Enix did not reveal a release date or which consoles "Kingdom Hearts IV" are supposed to be released, but the game should apparently be early in development. "Kingdom Hearts III" was released in 2019 after many years of waiting, so the fourth game will probably take a few years.
- We want to thank the fans for all their support over the years and we look forward to them experiencing everything that comes for Sora, says Ichiro Hazama at Square Enix.
During the live broadcast, a mobile game was also shown for Android and iOS devices, called "Kingdom Hearts Missing Link" where we get to see different characters fighting monsters in the world Scala ad Caelum. That game also has no launch date, but a closed beta will launch sometime in 2022.
When the first "Kingdom Hearts" was released in 2002, it was an incredible experience for many, including me. The untipped mix between Japanese role-playing games and Disney worked unexpectedly well and has very many fans all over the world.

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