The characters are the focus of a new trailer for the Halo series. It is through them that the adaptation of one of the biggest Xbox video game franchises will unfold, with the story of the combat between humans and aliens and the discovery of an interplanetary weapon, which gives the show its name, serving as a turning point and possible total annihilation.

Moral questions also gain space as the Master Chief's past (Pablo Schreiber, from Orange is the New Black) seems more explored. He is a soldier genetically modified and shaped for the war to come, but at the same time, his own creation is put in jeopardy by the inhumanity of the process created by Dr. Catherine Halsey (Natascha McElhone, Californication).

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Among grandiose action scenes and many special effects is the transposition to the screens of the initial plots of the Halo franchise, which has been released frequently since 2001, when it first hit the market. The series has already explored different game genres and expanded into other mediums, with the launch of the streaming-exclusive Paramount+ series being another step in that direction — and also one of the grandest.

The creators' idea is to humanize the story, presenting concepts that are recognizable to fans of the games, but also bring dramatic charge and involve those who have never played. That is, you can expect a series of changes, mainly in focus, as the trailer already shows by placing human dramas, including those of the Master Chief himself, at the center of the story - including even the revelation of a very well kept secret in the games.

The Halo cast also has Yerin Há (Reef Break), Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo), Olive Gray (Rose) and Shabana Azmi (24) in central roles. Jen Taylor, who plays the artificial intelligence Cortana in the games, reprises her role in the 10-episode series that debuts March 24, exclusively on Paramount+.