Nine teenagers in a summer camp are thrown into a night full of horror and horror. Locals and terrifying creatures chase teens, while making difficult life and death choices.
2K and Supermassive Games launch a new horror game later this year. The game is in the same spirit as the popular "Until Dawn" where the player's actions determine the outcome of the story. "The Quarry" is not part of the Dark Pictures anthology, which is a series of interactive horror-themed games developed by Supermassive Games.

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In "The Quarry", the player controls all nine characters and decides their fate, difficult choices must be made about who will survive the night. Do you dare to go into the woods to find out where the strange screams are coming from? Are you going to sacrifice one character's life for another's survival? Do you want to explore an area on your own that you think may pose a danger? There are no limits in "The Quarry", and no action is too big or small, everything is crucial in this interactive horror game where you as a player shape the story.
"The Qaurry" is said to be a fantastic cinematic experience where we will be able to adapt the game to personal taste with various additions and filters.