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[Korean drama] I want to see the "popular drama" starring a handsome actor again

Masterpiece Korean dramas that captivate the Arafie generation are appearing one after another. Ihoko Kurokawa, an artificial intelligence researcher who is a professional in "brain" and "dialogue", explains the lines that resonate with the charm of the popular drama starring a popular actor.

◆ Artificial intelligence researcher Ihoko Kurokawa
From the standpoint of brain function theory, she works on natural language analysis. Her latest issue is "Torisetsu at Work" (Jiji Press). In the spring of '22, "The Undateables of Love" (Kawade Shobo) for mature adults will also be released.

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"There are three levels of maturity in dialogue: shedding one's emotions (level 1), soliciting one's circumstances (level 2), and spinning words to comfort others (level 3). What's amazing about the style drama is that it's full of level 3 dialogue, "says Kurokawa. For example, the scene just before the final of the cooking contest of "Itaewon Class". "The words spoken by the protagonist to the chef of his subordinates who were exposed to being transgender were excellent. He was exposed to curiosity and still clenched his teeth. "Escape" is strange. You are you. You don't have to convince others. "He was worried that the souls of his subordinates would be polluted even though it was a decisive battle that would take the fate of the hero's business. If it's a Japanese drama, it's probably a scene that pushes your back, saying, "Prove your existence value." As a result, she resolutely stands on the stage and the announcer says, "Isn't it a stage to prove yourself?" "Proof? I don't need the understanding of others to be me."

"Itaewon Class"
The original popular web comic. A revenge and success story in which Park Seo-joon challenges the outrage of a major restaurant chain in the guise of Park Sae-ro-i, a hero with a sense of justice. Exclusive distribution of Netflix series "Itaewon Class".

It is said that the dialogue between mother and son was very impressive in "Boyfriend" co-starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum. "The hero's son, who was farewell to his beloved woman and was tattered, finds out that his mother asked her to farewell, but he just feels sad about making his dear mother feel that way. Don't blame your mother. And ask your mother, "How much do you like her?" "Like a mother." . Because I grow up saying "You were too hard", I get back "I made you sad". The brain is a device. If you don't input it, you can't output it. The conversations that often appear in Korean dramas are sometimes terrible. It ’s emotional, but it ’s a lot of gentle lines, and it ’s a learning experience. ”

"boy friend"
It depicts the sad and sweet pure love between a younger boy played by Park Bo-gum and an older girl played by Song Hye Kyo. The first beautiful Cuban location is also a topic. Now available on U-NEXT.

Interview / Original / Atsuko Yamazaki * Published in the February 2022 issue of Eclat


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Student and former candidate dreams of medal in cross-country skiing

The 28-year-old Robelson Moreira Lula's testimony of struggle is moving and inspiring. The cross country ski athlete could take different directions on their personal journey. Thanks to the willpower to live and the evangelical belief (“guided by God”, as he says) he was able to overcome the barriers. And above all: having put sport as an instrument to play in another way the problems and sequelae of a cancer he had at 11 years old.

The Juru man from Paraíba, who lives in the city of São Carlos (São Paulo countryside), needed to amputate his right leg above the knee. “It was not easy for a teenager to have to undergo chemotherapy, feel very hungry and face painful and uncomfortable processes such as continuous tube feeding”, recalls the Physical Education student at UNICEP (Centro Universitário Central Paulista).

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A former candidate for councilor for the Citizenship party in the same city where he lives, he will be one of the six names in the sport that will compete in the Winter Paralympic Games between March 4th and 13th. It will be the first participation of Robelson, known as Robinho, in the mega competition. From Sweden, where he was, he gave an exclusive interview. After competing at the Worlds in Finland last year, it would be Italy's turn.

Robinho qualified with 91 points, which guaranteed his going with Team Brasil to the dispute. He has only been practicing the sport in the snow for four years. Among the snow there are also snowboarding, alpine skiing and biathlon. Ice sports are for hockey and wheelchair curling.

Robelson's initiation into cross-country came after participating in a lecture at UNICEP given by the coordinator of CBDN (Brazilian Confederation of Sports in the Snow), former skier Leandro Ribela. The stimulus led him to the Brasil na Neve project. And the first trips came, meeting, for example, Vuokoatti, at the World Cup in Finland. He was considered a revelation in the 2018/2019 seasons and number 1 in the national ranking for rollerski (ski on wheels). Before cross-country skiing, he started swimming and participated in Paralympic wheelchair handball and athletics (jumping).

The performance in these games can also represent personal disclosure, as Robelson is not sponsored. His travels and expenses are paid for by the CBDN from which he receives the athlete scholarship. And from UNICEP the support in scholarships. For extra disputes abroad, he needs to make it possible out of his own pocket.

His attempt to enter politics was aimed at the position of councilor focused on the platform of projects for the disabled and dissemination of sport in several neighborhoods, thus spreading a program on several fronts. He was not happy in his attempt despite the effort, reaching the deputy councilor. His personal mantra is to always practice sport in a healthy way. And be guided by divine force. It also alerts interested people. “High-performance sport requires many variables, which is not easy, especially for those who lack resources”. That's why he needs support for maintenance in competitions. “It is necessary to go beyond liking it a lot”, evaluates the parathlete.

Due to his functional classification (w12-2), Robelson disputes the tests in the class (adapted chair with a pair of skis). The workouts are performed on asphalt with the sit ski (developed for people with lower movement limitations and evolve to be adapted for those who have limb amputations).

In training, dedication is full in two periods each day of the week. Disrupted by the pandemic in 2020, he used the erg ski (ski simulator equipment that can be suitable for both cardiovascular and strength focus). And on top it strengthens with aerobic exercises. In addition to this job, he trains on the asphalt with the rollerski (wheel ski). Something that can be contested, but an alternative also adopted by athletes from other countries. The difference is even on account of the participation in international competitions that excel the competitor.

He lists a series of procedures in addition to the training itself to start thinking about success. For example: arriving days before competitions; be well dressed, warm and observe the condition of the track and the snow (light or heavy). These are tips focused on good results. According to the paraleta, who also closed his enrollment at the Faculty of Physical Education thinking about full dedication, “only then would he have more chances of conquest”. His support still comes from specialized care in nutrition and from the emotional side with psychologists.

Without shying away, he says he has never suffered prejudice of any kind. Robinho, however, highlights something he considers most relevant at the moment: the importance of being immunized with three doses and various precautions in the fight against Covid-19, especially with the presence of the Omicron variant.



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