Today, the spin-off to "How I Met Your Mother", with the ingenious title "How I Met Your Father", premieres at Disney +. In the series, we get to follow Hilary Duff in search of a father for her unborn children.


Long after "How I Met Your Mother" ended, it's time to capitalize on the brand again. Like the original series, "How I Met Your Father" is about parents telling their children about how they met their respective. In the new series, we get to follow Sophie, played by Hilary Duff (from among others "Lizzie McGuire"), and her group of friends. The role of the older Sophie is played by Kim Cattrall (Samantha from "Sex and the City"), who gets to act as the narrator in the series.

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In the US, the series has not been received with open arms. Critics say that "How I Met Your Father" alludes too much to nostalgia without coming up with anything new. An example of this is that two of the main characters live in the same apartment as Ted, Marshall and Lily lived in the original.
Another criticism of the series is that the tonality seems to be uneven and clumsy. Ciara Wardlow, from, for example, writes that “In a way, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the series, but there is nothing right with it either. It's just a big nothing ”. In other words, "How I Met Your Father" seems to be worse than its model.

Despite the criticism, it will be exciting to follow Sophie's quest for fatherhood, and see if the series can maintain the same level as the original. Personally, I was a fan of both "Lizzie McGuire" and "How I Met Your Mother" when both series went, so I should reasonably appreciate something in this new spinoff.
"How I Met Your Father" premieres today at Disney +.

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