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"Emily in Paris" star Lily Collins celebrates her birthday in Japan

British actress Lily Collins is celebrating her 34th birthday (March 18) abroad, in Japan to be precise. From there, the "Emily in Paris" star keeps his followers up to date on Instagram. It started for her and her husband, US director Charlie McDowell (39), in Moominvalley Park, about 40 kilometers from the capital Tokyo, as her first post shows.

Captioning six photos of her enjoying pancakes decorated with chocolatey Happy Birthday lettering or posing with Moomin characters, she captioned: "I landed in Japan where my birthday was a little early in this time zone! The celebrations have already begun – first stop: Moominvalley Park …” Among other things, US actress Shailene Woodley (31) congratulated under the post: “Happppppppppy birthday!!!!”, she wished the daughter of musician Phil Collins (72) .

Next stop Tokyo?
The next series of photos shows selfies by Collins and McDowell on a train. "Round 2 for my 34th birthday with my 1..." she wrote. She has not yet revealed exactly where she is going, but her followers are certain: "Lily in Tokyo" can be recognized.

Among the many well-wishers under this post is the American music star daughter Sofia Richie (24) – she also sends "Happy Birthday!!!!" and four emojis with hearts in their eyes.

Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell confirmed their relationship in November 2020. The couple has been married since September 2021.


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Actor Sam Neill reveals blood cancer diagnosis


New Zealand actor Sam Neill, known from the hit movie "Jurassic Park", has made his leukemia disease public.

New Zealand actor Sam Neill, known from the hit movie "Jurassic Park", has made his leukemia disease public. In his upcoming autobiography Did I Ever Tell You This, Neill writes that he has been treated for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma since March last year and may die from it.

Required chemotherapy until the end of his life
In an interview with the "Guardian", the 75-year-old said that despite the success of the treatment, he would undergo chemotherapy until the end of his life. "I can't pretend the last year hasn't had its dark moments," said Neill. He was "grateful for every day and immeasurably grateful for all my friends".

Neill's long acting career began in the 1970s and has garnered him dozens of roles in film and television, including the series Peaky Blinders and the films The Hunt for Red October and The Piano. In 2022, he reprized the role of paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant.


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After anti-Semitism allegations: Roger Waters makes another statement

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters (79) has again issued a statement after allegations of anti-Semitism and a possible cancellation of his concerts in Frankfurt and Munich. "My lawyers are taking steps to ensure that my concerts in Munich and Frankfurt in May 2023 take place as contractually agreed," he is quoted as saying in a statement from his management.

Human rights and freedom of expression for all people, as provided for in German law, must be enforced. That's why he's taking this step "to make sure that the will of a few doesn't prevent me from performing in Frankfurt and Munich," emphasizes Waters.

He wanted to take legal action to protect himself "from the unconstitutional measures" of two authorities "which appear to be based on a fundamentally false accusation made against me, namely that I am anti-Semitic". He wanted to make it clear once and for all "that I am not anti-Semitic and have never been anti-Semitic and nothing anyone can say or publish will change that".

"Anti-Semitism is abominable"
The musician further explains: "My well-known views relate solely to the policies and actions of the Israeli government and not to the people of Israel. Anti-Semitism is abhorrent and racist and I condemn it as unreservedly as I do all forms of racism." He was confident that truth and justice would prevail and that the authorities would not succeed in "denying me one of my fundamental human rights."

The city of Frankfurt had announced that it would ban a performance by Waters planned for May 28, citing his "continued anti-Israel behavior". According to media reports, the city of Munich is planning something similar. There, the city council should deal with a possible cancellation of the concert on May 21 in the Olympic Hall next Wednesday. Roger Waters has announced further performances in Germany for May, including Hamburg (May 7), Cologne (May 9) and Berlin (May 17/18).


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Lindsay Lohan is pregnant: From scandal noodle to serious mother?

It was only announced yesterday that US actress Lindsay Lohan (36) is expecting her first child. The father is her husband Bader Shammas (b. 1987), whom Lohan is said to have met in her adopted home of Dubai, according to press reports. With the announcement of her pregnancy, the 36-year-old former scandal noodle seems to have finally turned her life around - after she had massive problems with alcohol, drugs, the law and her failing acting career for a long time. A look back at Lohan's turbulent life so far.

From child model to Hollywood star
Lohan began working as a professional model for Ford Models at the age of three, as reported by the British "Daily Mail". When she was twelve, she appeared in the popular Disney classic film 'A Twin Comes Alone' (1998), in which she played a dual role.

The body swapping comedy 'Freaky Friday' (2003) was another early acting success for then 17-year-old Lohan. The Disney movie, co-starring Academy Award winner Jamie Lee Curtis (64), played on a budget of 26 million US dollars worldwide, it brought in an incredible 160 million dollars, and was also a gigantic financial success.

Lohan finally became a Hollywood star in the cult comedy "Girls Club – be careful with biting!" (2004), but just a few years later the young actress made headlines that were mostly negative.

Problems with the law and stays in rehab
By the mid-2000s, it felt like Lohan was constantly being mobbed and stalked by paparazzi. Numerous unfavorable shots of her party excesses circulated in the media, and Lohan was also noticed on film shoots for her unreliability and lateness. Well-known film producer James G. Robinson (87) wrote in an internal email to Lohan at the time: "We are all aware that your continuous, night-long partying is the real reason for your alleged 'exhaustion'".

She also had increasing problems with the law. She was arrested several times for drunk driving, and the drug cocaine was seized from her during a traffic stop in 2007. During that time, Lohan was arrested a total of 20 times, spent more than 250 days in rehab and two weeks in prison.

In 2013, Lohan admitted to talk legend Oprah Winfrey (69) that he had taken the drug cocaine “ten to 15 times”. However, the actress has not had any contact with the law since 2011.

During this time, Lohan was hardly noticed as an actress. What is best remembered here is a self-ironic appearance in Robert Rodriguez' (54) trash masterpiece "Machete" (2010) and her attempt at a comeback in the dark LA erotic thriller "The Canyons" (2013) by old master Paul Schrader (76) .

Move to Dubai, come back to acting and get married
Around 2016, Lohan relocated to Dubai, according to the Daily Mail. About her new adopted country, the native New Yorker explained: "There are no paparazzi there, no cameras - that's very important to me".

According to media reports, Lohan met her current husband Bader, who is said to work in the financial sector, in the Gulf state. The couple married in July 2022 and are now expecting a baby.

Lohan's acting career also seemed to be picking up speed again after a difficult few years without any engagements. Lohan signed a two-movie deal with the Netflix streaming service in March last year. The romantic Christmas comedy Falling for Christmas was released on Netflix in November 2022, followed later this year by the romantic fantasy comedy Irish Wish.


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Sylvester Stallone in an interview: "Nobody would buy Rocky from me today"

Cinema legend Sylvester Stallone, 76, makes his late series debut in "Tulsa King" on Paramount+. In an interview, the Hollywood megastar explains why he prefers to produce series instead of cinema these days and why people have always misunderstood him as an action star.

From Sunday, March 19, Sylvester Stallone will join the ranks of those former Hollywood superstars who today prefer to turn to the world of series and streaming. Then "Tulsa King" starts at Paramount+. In the nine-part series, Stallone plays New York mobster Dwight "The General" Manfredi, who is released after serving 25 years in prison. However, he does not receive the gratitude from his "family" that he actually expected for his silence behind bars. He is deported to Tulsa in Oklahoma in order to open up new "business fields" there. The nine-part series, which has already been renewed for a second season, is dated, like its main character, but nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable one. In an interview, conducted privately in London, a cheerful Sylvester Stallone explains why he doesn't like cinema at the moment, but still believes in its future. The 76-year-old is convinced that a film fairy tale like "Rocky" would no longer be possible today, and he admits that privately he is very different from the image of his roles.

teleschau: You are a legend of American cinema. Despite this, you are now concentrating on television and streaming. Is today more interesting?

Sylvester Stallone: Yes, definitely. What else is going on in the cinema? Most are "franchise" products from Marvel and Co. that just keep repeating themselves. In addition, these are usually very physical materials, and I'm definitely too old for something like that. Do you know how much time I spent in the hospital because of my action movies?

teleschau: No, not really ...

Stallone: I've had five back surgeries due to accidents on set. I broke my shoulder, my knees, my ankles. My wife had had enough of this for a long time. A lot of people have forgotten that I started out as an actor in drama. I'm not a born action guy. If you add up the boxing scenes from the first Rocky film, it comes to about five minutes. The rest is drama.

"I was in the mood for a revival of such old material"
teleschau: And you wanted to go there again?

Stallone: Yes, actually for a long time. I've thought about how to get back to this point for decades. However, I realized that if I wrote something myself, it might not be "fresh" enough. So I'm dependent on people who translate my "vibe" - that is, what I would like to tell and convey - into a strong series.

teleschau: How did you solve the problem?

Stallone: Not particularly strategic (laughs), actually "Tulsa King" came about through a bar acquaintance. I met someone, we talked, and he made me a suggestion: let's take two genres that have been a bit forgotten - the western with its cowboys and the gangster genre. Let's produce a mix of both. There used to be 25 western shows on American television at the same time. Then they were gone for a long time. Only now do they seem to be rediscovered. The same goes for classic gangster stuff. You won't find a movie like "The Untouchables" in cinemas today. I was in the mood for a revival of such old stuff and I'm happy to be a part of it with "Tulsa King".

teleschau: Well, your series isn't a classic western, since it's neither set in the past nor has anything to do with horses...

Stallone: It's about the stranger that comes into town. It's a classic Western theme that drives a lot in this series: How is it changing the city? How is she changing him? In fact, we initially had the idea that my character Dwight Manfredi, a classic New York mafia guy, would adapt to Oklahoma culture and maybe even wear a cowboy hat. But we quickly decided against it. He stays true to his roots and makes no compromises. That's how great comedy happens. The guy looks so much like a gangster that the cowboys around him are extremely irritated (laughs).

"The big blockbusters don't have any drop height"
teleschau: Everything is compressed in the cinema - the time, the scenes, the character development. In "Tulsa King" they are allowed to develop a character over nine episodes. Was there a dream come true?

Stallone: I was excited as a little boy when the project came together and we started to work. You're right, it's a great privilege to have a lot of time and space, but there's a price to pay: that was six months of work in a row! I had to read 700 pages of script and learn 400 pages of dialogue. A lot of stuff for an old man. And there was no vacation in between. It was as much work as if I had shot five "Rambo" or "Rocky" films in a row. I didn't know that before. I told them that if things continue, we have to talk about the working conditions (laughs).

teleschau: Some great film people like Quentin Tarantino say that they no longer feel like doing cinema because the art form is experiencing a creative and sometimes also economic decline. How do you see it?

Stallone: Cinema is dead - but it will be revived. What we are currently experiencing is not cinema's first crisis. The medium has been written off more than once. When I started making movies, he was sometimes accused of soullessness. At that time there were big musicals, expensive Westerns or costume films that lived mainly from their bombastic set. People in the late 60's were tired of it. But suddenly there were films like "Easy Rider" and the cinema was exciting again. It is the same today. One can say about the big cinema blockbusters from Marvel and Co.: The bigger the productions get, the smaller the heart that beats in the middle.

teleschau: But it doesn't work without a heart, right?

Stallone: People want to see themselves in the movies. They want to feel something, not be constantly overwhelmed by explosions and other bombast. The big blockbusters don't have any headroom. They take no risks and create hardly any identification. I remember watching the Netflix series Bloodline a few years ago, which takes a long time to dissect a family's relationships and drama. I was totally thrilled, because I'm a family person too and think: That's the most valuable and important thing we have in life. But are you currently seeing big films about family in cinemas? It's kind of absurd that the things that move us the most don't appear in the cinema.

"It's toxic masculinity, we don't want to see that"
teleschau: So Sylvester Stallone loves melodrama more than action cinema …

Stallone: Giving the Toughen is easy. But it's hard to be affectionate.

teleschau: As a completely unknown young author, you wrote the screenplay for "Rocky" and played the leading role in the film. "Rocky" received three Oscars and numerous nominations. You must have felt like you were in a fairy tale. Would something like this even be possible today?

Stallone: No. Nobody would buy the story from me today. They would say, "This is toxic masculinity, we don't want to see that." Which, of course, is nonsense, because Rocky is a normal working-class guy. A guy who wouldn't normally grow into much. Rocky would have too few rough edges for today's film business. No political agenda, no serious problems. It would be too easy for today's storytelling.

teleschau: But hasn't Rocky's everyman image made it a mass phenomenon in cinemas?

Stallone: Sure. When "Rocky" won the Oscar for the best picture of the year in 1977, all other nominated films were highly political. "Taxi Driver" for example or "Network". I didn't know anything about politics at all and didn't want to write anything political. People kept asking me back then, "Is Rocky a Republican - or is he a Democrat?". Many then said, "Rocky's a flag-waver, he's definitely a Republican." I usually replied, "I don't think Rocky owns a flag."

"There are dreams, but I won't tell them to you"
teleschau: Do you think interest in drama will return?

Stallone: I'm sure of that. Our life is full of drama. Most of the time, we humans lead hard lives. There is always something happening that throws us or our children off track. Nothing concerns us as much as this topic. So why should we tell stories from other galaxies and parallel worlds when our own world is already so demanding, complex and extremely interesting? I think there are a lot of young filmmakers working on great stories on a low budget. Your time will come - also in the cinema.

teleschau: You are in your mid-70s and have experienced a lot. Is there something in the field of film art that you would still like to achieve?

Stallone: Yes, there are dreams, but I'm not going to tell you about them because it's extremely unrealistic that they will come true. You have to play certain games to be successful in this business. And I definitely don't feel like participating in these games anymore. No, I won't say anything about that (laughs).

teleschau: If you don't reveal your secret dreams, can you at least say which games you don't feel like playing anymore?

Stallone: You have to be a very "social" person. Go to the right parties, meet the right people. You have to have conversation and sell yourself. But I'm not like that. Sometimes I give a speech, then there is fire in it. But that rarely happens. Normally I come home - and stay there for a month. Just being at home for four weeks doesn't bother me at all. I don't even miss my friends. I read, I write, I paint. That's the way I am. I really only come out on stage or in front of the camera, so I can't sell any material.

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