Steven Spielberg thinks filmmakers have been "thrown under the bus" by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 75-year-old director explained that while the COVID-19 pandemic has also allowed streaming platforms to thrive, filmmakers have had to "banish" some of their work to platforms like HBO Max.

Speaking to the New York Times newspaper, Spielberg revealed: "The coronavirus pandemic has presented streaming platforms with an opportunity to increase their subscriptions to record-breaking levels and has also thrown some of my best filmmaker friends under the bus because their films simply didn't come to the cinema anymore. They got paid and in that case the movies were suddenly relegated to HBO Max." The Jaws filmmaker added, "I think the older audience was relieved that they didn't have to step on sticky popcorn. But I really think that for that same older audience, once they've gone back to the movies, the magic of being in a social situation with a bunch of strangers is also a pick-me-up." In 2020, Warner Bros. had announced that all releases for 2021 would be made available on the streaming platform in order to be able to "guarantee" as much market attractiveness as possible.

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