Today, we are announcing Carrom School — A flexible career accelerator with mentorship and tutoring for software engineers in India to restart your career as a remote developer. Don’t pay until you get a well-paying job — 12LPA(INR) for Indian engineers.

The program would be entirely remote, and you can attend at your own timings, even if you are doing a day job.

Carrom is payroll and compliance for remote teams.

The biggest advantage of hiring from Carrom would be staying compliant to local employment laws.


Engineers in India are oftentimes underpaid terribly. To put things into perspective my first salary was around $300 per month.

Carrom’s vision is to bring equal opportunity to the talents who are spread across the world. We believe that remote work is a tool to solve this inequality. We are starting from the 5.2 million software engineers in India and want to expand into other developing countries.

What happens during the Carrom school?

Initial few weeks would be focused on learning the basics of web technologies that you will be working with for the next few months. In the following weeks, you will emulate how a remote team works. Attendees from a batch would be split into a team and develop a product based on specifications. You will communicate and collaborate like a remote team. Towards the tail end of the course, you will be given more mentorship and coaching on how to attend interviews. We will also try to give introductions to top remote teams. Just like a remote team, we have kept the curriculum flexible to suit your individual needs.

How are we different from a normal boot camp?

Our goal is to equip engineers with skills that are required to work in a remote team and also improve their programming skills by sharing what experienced remote engineers have learned over the years.

We also focus on improving the soft skills of a developer, which we believe is extremely important. The way you write on Slack, how and when to ask questions to colleagues, and other remote etiquettes. They would also attend 1:1 meeting, pair programming sessions, code reviews by peers and mentors, etc. We also set up AMAs with remote team leaders, and engineers who have worked in a remote team for a long time.

Who are these course for?

If you have decent programming knowledge — be it as a freelancer or full-time employee, you are eligible for this irrespective of your degree or age.

If you are a company skeptic about hiring from career accelerators read our “for companies section”.

If you are a software engineer, and you feel like you are underpaid and deserve better, fill in our general interest form today and we will get back to you soon.

Please read our FAQ to understand better what we are doing. If you still have questions write to us at or DM us on Twitter.