It sounds like director Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. has had a terrific collaboration around the upcoming superhero movie The Batman.

In any case, the director reveals to the American film media Collider that he was very happy with the film studio and that they supported his idea of ​​the film from the beginning.

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- From the beginning, when I wanted to make a dark detective story and all, they were very responsive. They were very excited about it. They embraced it all the time. I have to say that the film has become exactly what I wanted and they supported me throughout.

Warner Bros. however, had one requirement for the director, who has previously been behind the two most recent and successful Planet of the Apes films as well as the innovative Cloverfield.

- There was one thing that they did and that was my intention from the beginning, it was to say: Listen, it is important to us that the film becomes PG-13 (ie allowed for children over 13 years, red). We want to make sure we can get it… It's a Batman movie and we invest so much in it.

Reeves explains that it was not a problem for him to abide by the rule:

- Well, in the Apes movies, I tried to find the same balance. They were certainly spectacular and great entertainment, but there was a degree of intensity. I felt the same here and that I could push the boundaries of what one can do in a PG-13 movie and still deliver what I wanted.

The film is about a young Bruce Wayne, played by Robert Pattinson, who has just two years on his back as the masked avenger, Batman.

Soon he faces three of Gotham's worst criminals in the form of Carmine Falcone, The Penguin and The Riddler, and on the sidelines is also the erratic cat thief, Selina Kyle.