The iceberg is not their only problem. Watch the trailer for the horror movie "Titanic 666" ... or not, it's fine too.
This year it is 110 years since the luxury cruiser Titanic made its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. An unfortunate encounter with an iceberg led to a tragedy in which half of the approximately 3,000 passengers died.
Is there a better way to pay attention to the anniversary and honor the victims than with a b-horror movie? Yes, probably. But here it is anyway. On April 15, the same date that the Titanic sank, the next disaster awaits in the form of "Titanic 666" - a supernatural thriller from the infamous mockbuster studio Asylum.

The plot takes place today on the newly built copy Titanic III, which will take the same route to America as the original. State-of-the-art technology on board must ensure that no accidents happen. But when the Titanic III arrives at the scene of the accident, strange things begin to happen and dark forces rise to the surface and take over the ship ...
In the trailer, we see, among others, AnnaLynne McCord in the role of the influencer Mia Stone, one of the passengers on the fateful journey.

"Titanic 666" arrives on the American streaming service Tubi next week. Jack and Rose turn in their graves ... though who knows, can this be entertaining after all? Movies that are so-bad-that-they-become-good are a whole genre in themselves and the title seems to attract at least some curious people.

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