Former "GNTM" model Anna Adamyan (27) had lovingly referred to her little son as "Dino" in public until now. However, on Thursday evening, October 5th, the influencer unexpectedly revealed the real name of her son, who was born in August.

Beneath a black and white photo showing her holding the baby, Anna Adamyan shared: "8 weeks with my new best friend Levi." This revelation came as a surprise to many followers. One user wrote, "I didn't even realize it and just thought: Who is Levi now? I had already gotten used to Dino." The choice of the name received a lot of support. A follower commented that "Levi" fits very well, noting that the name has Hebrew origins and means "the connected one," "the faithful one," and "the hero."

For Anna Adamyan and her husband, 1. FC Köln footballer Sargis Adamyan (30), their little boy is indeed a true hero. The couple had to go through a lot before they could hold their son in their arms. The model, who became known through her participation in "Germany's Next Topmodel" in 2014, suffers from endometriosis. Fulfilling their wish for a child was very challenging. It was only after two miscarriages and eleven artificial inseminations that their dream of having their own child came true.

The birth was traumatic, too. Anna Adamyan revealed this on Instagram two weeks ago. She said she needed "every single day to even partially digest it." After several hours, a cesarean section had to be performed under general anesthesia, followed by surgery, which resulted in significant blood loss.

She explained, "I can't describe to you how much fear I had in that moment, how terrible the journey to the operating room was, and the feeling of falling asleep with a belly followed by waking up without one." She mentioned that due to the general anesthesia, she now has no memories of the birth, which she will unfortunately never regain.

Fortunately, her husband took many photos and videos of their first meeting with their son, for which she is "incredibly grateful." She said, "I look at them every day, with tears and at the same time a smile, hoping that the feelings from that moment might come back someday." The experience is still "traumatic and always present" for the couple, who have been married since August 2021, and the model is not yet able to discuss the events in more detail. She concluded by acknowledging that many women experience similar situations daily and asked for understanding and acceptance on behalf of all of them.