After seven decades in the film business, it's finally time for retirement: Just over six months after his 90th birthday, British Hollywood star Michael Caine announced his retirement on Saturday. "I keep saying that I'm going to retire. Well, now I'm doing it," Caine told BBC Radio 4.

From the actor's perspective, the timing is opportune: "I told myself that I just made a film in which I played the lead role and received incredible reviews for it," Caine said. His film "In Full Bloom," which tells the true story of World War II veteran Bernie Jordan, was released in the UK last week.

Caine mentioned that in the future, he would only receive offers to play 90-year-old men. "Or maybe 85-year-olds." And these wouldn't be leading roles. "So I thought I might as well leave it all behind," said the actor, who has been awarded two Oscars and many other accolades.

During his seven-decade career, Caine has appeared in over 160 films, including classics from the 1960s like "Zulu" and "The Italian Job," as well as box office hits like "The Cider House Rules" and several "Batman" films. In 2000, he was knighted by the then British Queen Elizabeth II.

Caine is unlikely to be idle even after his retirement from the film industry. His first novel, "Deadly Game," is set to be published next month. In June, he mentioned that he had long wanted to write a thriller because it's the genre he enjoys reading the most.