Filming for the next chapter in the popular slasher series will begin this summer.
The "Scream" directors are wasting no time: the filming of the sixth film in the series will begin this summer. And now we know at least one great character who gets to return.
Actress Courteney Cox happened to reveal in Variety's podcast that her cocky TV profile Gale Weathers is reappearing:
- I received the script yesterday and have not had time to read it yet ... But I look forward to reading and know that they intend to start recording in June in Canada. I do not know if I can say anything at all !, says Cox.

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When I interviewed the directors before the premiere of "Scream", they said that it was "crucial" to have the original trio, including David Arquette:
- They are the heart of the film series. For a moment we had only one idea and one script, no one had signed yet. We felt pretty confident about the script and knew in our hearts that the actors would like what they read. But we also understood that these films, and Wes, had been a big part of their lives.

There were many factors. But creatively, there was no chance that we could make the film without the three.