M. Night Shyamalan loves making budget films.

The 52-year-old director has directed a number of single-location films in recent years and enjoys the challenge of working on projects with less financial backing. Shyamalan told the AV Club, "As I thought about how to continue my career, I realized I'm not really enjoying being in this system. I think they're beating up what's really good about me, out of me.

I don't care about money if it means giving up something of myself to get it. I've also realized that most of the movies I love are very limited movies, so just let me pay for them myself and work with new people, and then I'll do them."

With the exception of the 'Unbreakable' trilogy, Shyamalan hasn't directed any sequels to any of his films, and he revealed he hates the "safety" that comes with doing a movie again.

The 'Knock at the Cabin' filmmaker said: "I'm not really excited about [sequels]. In fact, what usually draws people to sequels is the very thing that puts me off, which is safety." Shyamalan added, "I want you guys to tear me to pieces. I want to risk everything - all the time. That's what's fun about being an artist and wanting to be a beginner every time."