Moderator Joko Winterscheidt (44) and author Sophie Passmann (29) will start the podcast "Sunset Club" from May 18th. This is always audible on Thursdays - wherever there are podcasts. In an interview, the two reveal how the two came up with the idea for the joint project and what the listeners can expect. They also talk about what they admire about each other and what they can learn from each other.

How did the idea of starting a joint podcast come about?
Sophie Passmann: In the long run, the shame of being a celebrity without a podcast is unbearable. Joko and I, we need each other.

Joko Winterscheidt: We saw each other twice in Klaas and I shows and greeted each other in a friendly way in the hallway in front of the recording. It was clear that we would do a podcast together, anything else would be fatal.

How well did you know each other before that?
Passmann: Not good enough to start a podcast together. We then made up for it. We went to dinner for a very long time, it was a fun evening. But we'll tell you all about that in the first episode.

Winterscheidt: So good that I was able to say: Sure, I can send you Sophie's number - if someone asked for it. But only because I knew someone who had her number.

What do you appreciate about each other?
Passman: Simple. Joko is lovable, funny, warm and smart. And I'm sure there are a thousand other things too, but I'm only getting to know them now.

Winterscheidt: Sophie is incredibly quick-witted, so at my age I have to be wide awake. My blood just doesn't flow that fast anymore, so of course I could also take Ilja Rogoff, but I have such a hard time swallowing pills.

They are 29 and 44 years old. How does this affect the podcast?
Passmann: In between, Joko uses words for young people incorrectly, but he knows more about life than I do. Basically, the age difference doesn't play a big role. But I am also an old 29-year-old and he is a young 44-year-old.

What can you learn from each other?
Passmann: I would like to learn the following specific things from Joko: Become popular. Laugh heartily at all jokes. Wearing the same model of glasses for ten years. Bake a fluffy yeast dough. How to keep yourself on TV. Cycle.

Winterscheidt: Sophie has a great deal of knowledge in the world of gourmet food and beverages. With this knowledge I can of course impress my old friends, I just have to be able to remember it.

How did the name "Sunset Club" come about?
Passmann: Just as song lyrics are created for pop music: Many people sit in a room and stammer words to themselves in the hope of finding some that sound good together. There will be surprisingly little about sunsets in the podcast.

Winterscheidt: I think it's good that we're so honest, that's exactly how it was. The hashtag "sunset" is one of the most popular in the world and a club is also great. We sort of combined "best of both worlds" into one podcast name.

What associations do you associate with the term club? What experiences have you had with clubs in any way?
Passmann: As a teenager, I was only once a member of a handball club. Since then I've been longing to finally become a real fan of a football club so that I have something to do on the weekends. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in football at all. The "Sunset Club" is a good compromise.

Winterscheidt: For me, the club is 1. FC Nürnberg, a club that had its greatest successes in the 1920s, and we want to build on that.

You're both very busy. How does a podcast fit into the appointment calendar?
Passmann: My children are old enough to take the Porsche to daycare themselves, so I have more relaxed time in the mornings.

Winterscheidt: I didn't even know you had a Porsche.

They both have podcast experience. Did that help you for the new project?
Passmann: Above all, it helps me not to constantly use the same incredibly tiring filler words, because enough podcasts have already pointed out to me how annoying that is. For example, I used to say "actually" twelve times in each sentence. Didn't appear once in the first episode of "Sunset Club".

Winterscheidt: We don't follow any concept at all, that's good, that's really good for me. We press "Record" and an hour later we press "Stop". In between we discuss Sophie's everyday observations and my burn rate. So everything as always.

The competition in the podcast landscape is fierce...
Passmann: There is no such thing as competition, I've learned that it's called "Dear Competitor". There can never be enough podcasts, just like there can't be enough books and films.

Winterscheidt: We are the new ones, we take a back seat and welcome any advice from the older podcasters out there.

Will there be (celebrity) guests g