Up until this episode, “Der Bachelor” (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., RTL and in advance on RTL+) only gave two kisses – a short accidental kiss to Lisa (32) and a secret (and presumably drunk) kiss Rebekah (28). The speculation as to when and with whom there will finally be a real kiss is running at full speed. The hottest contender is Angelina (28) – but she discovers a cold sore right now and can't believe her misfortune: "Shitty timing!"

At the surf date with Rebecca, Lisa, Yetti (25), Leyla (26) and Xenia (30), David Jackson (32) gets another opportunity to present his body. Lisa is the only one who can ride a wave and offers to help David - which seems to scratch his ego a bit. Leyla masters a similarly difficult situation for the first time: David and she have their first almost normal conversation, in which she doesn't seem completely intimidated.

With Xenia things are not progressing as well - she explains to David that she is holding back because of the cameras. He analyzes the problem aptly: "I understand it, but that makes it difficult to get to know each other in this format." The otherwise always cool Lisa admits privately that she would like to have more time with David "to somehow tie in with certain situations".

Alyssa does the unbelievable
No one is allowed to stay longer from the group date - instead, to everyone's surprise, David invites Alyssa (36) to her first single date in the evening. "She's been waiting for this date for so long..." says the bachelor generously. The two have a barbecue, discuss difficult topics such as their depression and snuggle up on the couch. There the unbelievable happens: Alyssa kisses David. She him! "I could never do that," the other - all much younger women - are supposed to say later, reverently about this move. Alyssa's strategy works. The third kiss is followed by a fourth and fifth kiss. "Alyssa is just a seasoned woman who takes what she wants," grins David afterwards and thinks: "Time is used optimally."

Next, Angelina is allowed to go on a "1001 Nights" date - now without contagious herpes. On a screened-off terrace with a flying carpet, a pool and lots of candles, the two get closer and the kissing starts again. However, it is not clear to the viewers who kissed whom here – the question was not even in the room, a good sign. The date also continues at this level. "I think we both couldn't stop beaming," enthuses David. And if so, then just to keep kissing.

Angelina has one wish
At the end of her dream date, Angelina has one wish: a rose, 15 minutes more with the bachelor or a look at David's Instagram profile. She chooses - to his surprise - the rose. Apparently she doesn't realize as much as he does that she would have gotten it anyway... For her it was the best date she'd ever had. And for him, too, it "topped everything." Actually, you could stop the show now.

But no, it stays with the classic process. On the night of the roses, Leyla has a fear after a conversation with David: the hug at the end felt like a farewell. Xenia now refuses to approach the bachelor out of pride. "I don't feel it," she says defiantly when the others want to encourage her.

"You are all horny bitches and I love you!"
By the way, what the girls feel completely is their group. There has never been more support, celebration, comfort and love than in this season. Shortly before David's decision, Leyla also says to her girls: "Guys, you are all horny sluts and I love you!" And her feeling was right, Leyla and Xenia have to leave the girl gang. But certainly only as long as it's still about the guy with the roses.