Not only is the second part of Dune in production by Warner Bros. In addition to the expected sequel, director Denis Villeneuve guarantees that the series Dune: The Brotherhood is still in production and that the spin-off is moving forward - although no news has been released since its announcement.

What is known so far is that the HBO Max exclusive series will be a prequel to the films and, as the title itself makes clear, will focus on the Bene Gesserit brotherhood, the religious order that accompanies and advises all the great families of the world. Empire and which is directly linked to the emergence of the messiah.

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However, despite Villeneuve's statement about the status of the series, the director himself has already said that he is not ahead of the project, taking care of only Dune: Part 2, scheduled to hit theaters in October 2023. was quite optimistic about the spin-off and that the entire team responsible continues to work to get the project off the ground.

According to the director, the few words are precisely a way to avoid any problems with the production. According to him, things are still under development and, therefore, he prefers not to delve into possibilities and speculations precisely because he knows how fragile everything “is still”.