Tim Miller, who directed "Terminator: Dark Fate," has opened up about the film's flop and is speaking out about the future of the franchise.

One of the guests at this weekend's Comic-Con in San Diego was Tim Miller, the director behind the first "Deadpool" and the producer behind "Love, Death & Robots". In a panel discussion, Miller opened up about his work behind "Terminator: Dark Fate," which he directed, and says that trying to bring the franchise to life was a mistake. Just like with "Terminator 3", Terminator Salvation" and "Terminator Genisys", the new film did not meet expectations and intended sequels were scrapped.

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Tim Miller speaks about the future of "Terminator" and the director is candid about his effort and what he thinks about the upcoming films:
- "Terminator" is an interesting film to explore, but maybe we did it too much. I went into it with a rock-solid geek belief that if I made a good film that I wanted to see, it would do well [financially]. And I had wrong. It was one of those damn eureka moments in a bad way, because the movie flopped.
- I think if you make a "Terminator" movie with a lower budget, a good director and movie star can make it awesome. It can be done with sock puppets and it can be amazing. I would like to make a computer-animated “Terminator”.
After "T2: Judgment Day" they have tried to make a worthy sequel four times. All times have failed, and with the latest attempt - “Terminator: Dark Fate”, even James Cameron was on board, trying to bring the series he once created to life.
Instead of more movies in the series, Netflix is ​​currently working on a "Terminator" anime instead. Perhaps this is a better approach than making yet another high-budget film that doesn't deliver, with an aging Arnold Schwarzenegger who has to be rejuvenated time and time again with CGI.
Is the "Terminator" franchise dead, or should more movies be made?

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