With the defeat in the final of the Club World Cup to Chelsea and with time until the debut in the Copa Libertadores, priority now, Palmeiras should resume this week negotiations that had been suspended due to the team's participation in the FIFA competition. And the first target is an old man known to the crowd in the Verdão polls: Taty Castellanos, from New York City, from the USA.

While in the World Cup dispute, Verdão was warned by City Group that South American clubs interested in the player had tried to open negotiations. However, for ethical reasons, the Arab conglomerate that also controls Manchester City, from England, had already warned Alviverde that it would only negotiate the Argentine striker without warning if it was with the European market.

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People close to the football board of Verdão revealed to LANCE! that among those interested in Castellanos were Internacional and River Plate. Both, however, withdrew due to the amounts involved in the deal and the refusal of City Group in loan agreements.

Palmeiras have had a good relationship with the Arabs since they sold Gabriel de Jesus to them. Because of this, it was rumored that Verdão would have time to match or cover any proposal for Castellanos coming from continental rivals.

The L! found that the City Group admitted to Verdão that it can reduce the values ​​of the business. Initially, 12 million euros (about R$71.6 million) were requested to release the Argentine. The amount was aimed at the European market, but the transfer window closed and there were no interested parties.

The alviverde board will start a series of meetings next week to define sales and hiring of the current squad. The situation of Castellanos and other targets of the club during the pre-season will be evaluated. That is, if it is worth paying such a large amount for the attacker.

During the World Cup, Castellanos gave mixed signals about his future. To the Argentine press, he pointed out that his objective was to defend River. But his staff reiterated that he would accept to play for Palmeiras. The situation makes Verdão cautious when dealing with the matter.