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Pele is hospitalized again to continue cancer treatment

On Sunday night (13), 'King' Pelé announced through his social networks that he is going to the hospital to continue his treatment against the colon tumor. Still, Pelé made a point of demonstrating that if possible he will watch the Super Bowl LVI decision, between Rams x Bengals, for the title of the season.

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In January of this, Pelé returned to Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, in São Paulo, on January 19 and 20 to continue the treatment of the tumor. Almost a month later, the three-time world champion with the Brazilian team returns to the hospital this Sunday to give evidence in the fight against cancer.

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Spending good humor in his publication, the football king was looking forward to popping some popcorn to watch Super Bowl LVI, soon. Pelé also regretted the absence of his friend Tom Brady, who recently retired from the pitch, and thanked the fans for the messages of affection.

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It is worth mentioning that, in September of last year, at the age of 80, Pele underwent an operation to remove a colon tumor and spent almost a month under medical care.

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In December of the same year, he was hospitalized again for chemotherapy sessions and was discharged on 12/23. At the time, the king was diagnosed with a tumor in the intestine, one in the liver and the beginning of another in the lung.

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Milan defeats Sampdoria and takes the lead in Serie A

Milan defeated Sampdoria 1-0 and took the lead in the Serie A this Sunday. With a goal from Rafael Leão at the beginning of the match, the Rossoneri's team sought to expand the score, but stopped in great saves by Falcone. However, Stefano Pioli's team took advantage of the draw between Inter Milan and Napoli to take the lead in the standings.

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In the first half, Milan managed to control the actions of the match and dominated the opening 45 minutes. At seven minutes, Rafael Leão received a long throw from the goalkeeper on the left side, invaded the area and finished to open the scoring. In the 44th minute, Júnior Messias took advantage of a leftover ball at the entrance of the area and hit it for a great defense by Falcone.

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In the first minute of the second half, Milan arrived with danger again with Messias receiving a pass from the right side and finishing with a lot of danger, but taking paint off the beam. In the 14th minute, Giroud received a cross and set up a beautiful volley for a beautiful save by Falcone to prevent the Rossoneri's second goal.

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In the 24th minute, Giroud received another cross, headed it, but the Sampdoria goalkeeper deflected it with his fingers for a corner. At 35, Rebic was found on the left side of the area, but stopped in great defense by Falcone. On the rebound, Sandro Tonali also failed to pass the Italian goalkeeper.


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With runner-up in the World Cup, Palmeiras should return to talk to pre-season targets to reinforce the squad

With the defeat in the final of the Club World Cup to Chelsea and with time until the debut in the Copa Libertadores, priority now, Palmeiras should resume this week negotiations that had been suspended due to the team's participation in the FIFA competition. And the first target is an old man known to the crowd in the Verdão polls: Taty Castellanos, from New York City, from the USA.

While in the World Cup dispute, Verdão was warned by City Group that South American clubs interested in the player had tried to open negotiations. However, for ethical reasons, the Arab conglomerate that also controls Manchester City, from England, had already warned Alviverde that it would only negotiate the Argentine striker without warning if it was with the European market.

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People close to the football board of Verdão revealed to LANCE! that among those interested in Castellanos were Internacional and River Plate. Both, however, withdrew due to the amounts involved in the deal and the refusal of City Group in loan agreements.

Palmeiras have had a good relationship with the Arabs since they sold Gabriel de Jesus to them. Because of this, it was rumored that Verdão would have time to match or cover any proposal for Castellanos coming from continental rivals.

The L! found that the City Group admitted to Verdão that it can reduce the values ​​of the business. Initially, 12 million euros (about R$71.6 million) were requested to release the Argentine. The amount was aimed at the European market, but the transfer window closed and there were no interested parties.

The alviverde board will start a series of meetings next week to define sales and hiring of the current squad. The situation of Castellanos and other targets of the club during the pre-season will be evaluated. That is, if it is worth paying such a large amount for the attacker.

During the World Cup, Castellanos gave mixed signals about his future. To the Argentine press, he pointed out that his objective was to defend River. But his staff reiterated that he would accept to play for Palmeiras. The situation makes Verdão cautious when dealing with the matter.


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Jorginho reveals that Tuchel showed the departure of Palmeiras

Jorginho reveals that Tuchel showed the departure of Palmeiras to ratify the importance of the World Cup to Chelsea

Chelsea won this Saturday, for the first time, the Club World Cup title, beating Palmeiras 2-1 in Abu Dhabi, with goals from Lukaku and Havertz - Raphael Veiga reduced to Alviverde. After the game, midfielder Jorginho spoke about how coach Thomas Tuchel gave importance to the tournament and motivated the squad.

> Abel Ferreira praises Palmeiras' performance against Chelsea: 'I'm very proud of what we did'

In an interview with BandSports, the Italian-Brazilian said that the German commander showed images of the departure of Palmeiras to make clear the importance of the World Cup.

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- The only detail he (Tuchel) went through before we boarded was the Palmeiras bus leaving, for the players to understand how important this competition was and how Palmeiras gave importance and would try to win. Anyway, we talked, we didn't have that title, it was very important for us, an important opportunity for all of us. This team needs to be respected too, they said some things, I have to thank you now for what they said, this served as motivation - commented the midfielder.

Jorginho commented on the pre-final analysis on the Blues. For the midfielder, the English team was not respected as it should be.

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- I don't need to talk, you know. They lacked a little respect. This team deserves respect, they won the Champions League, the Supercup, now the World Cup. It is a team that is hungry to enter the history of the club. We are very happy - commented the midfielder.

With the World Cup title, Chelsea won all the international tournaments for the year 2021 - they had won the Champions League and the European Supercup.


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It wasn't this time! Palmeiras lose to Chelsea in the World Cup final

Palmeiras fought hard, but it wasn't enough. In extra time, Verdão was defeated by Chelsea, from England, by 2-1 in the final of the Club World Cup, in a match held this Saturday (12), in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates.

The game
From the beginning, Palmeiras showed their plan very clearly. Congest the midfield and leave the ball with Chelsea's defenders, who failed a lot in the distribution of play, and fight for counterattacks.

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Chelsea kept the ball, but Palmeiras took the most danger. Verdão's first good chance came at 23, when Dudu cut to the middle and hit from the right, with the ball passing close to Mendy's goal. The big chance of the initial stage came soon after, with Dudu and Zé Rafael tabling. Shirt 7 received it at the entrance of the area, but it knocked weakly out.

The English continued to struggle to break through the green block at the entrance to the area and could barely find forward Lukaku. The Blues' best attempt in the first half came in stoppage time. Thiago Silva took advantage of the space in the middle and hit the goal. Weverton went down, but the ball passed the side of the goal.

The second half started like the first, with Rudiger taking advantage of the space in the middle and shooting over Weverton's goal. Only the 9, Chelsea opened the scoring. Hudson-Odoi went to the bottom and crossed on Lukaku's head, who beat Luan and put him in the net.

At 15, Dudu missed a chance inside the area, but VAR called the referee Chris Beath, who awarded a penalty for a hand touch from Thiago Silva. Raphael Veiga displaced Mendy and evened the score in Abu Dhabi.

Chelsea had a good chance with Pulisic, but the American sent them out. Soon after, Veiga received it at the entrance of the area and hit weakly for Mendy's defense. Pulisic had another good opportunity in the sequence, with the shot putting it close to the post.

The English team even tried to apply greater pressure in the last minutes. However, it didn't result in much and the match went into overtime.

In extra time, Chelsea went more into the attack. After unsuccessful attempts by Pulisic and Sarr, Werner tried to cross into the area, the ball deflected and ended up hitting the crossbar.

In the second half of extra time, Chelsea continued to lift balls into the area and in one of them, the ball hit Luan's hand and the referee, with the help of VAR, awarded a penalty. Kai Havertz, goal scorer in the Champions League final, took the kick and put the Blues back in the lead.


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