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Tom Cruise sends Christmas greetings from heaven

Shortly before a skydive shoot for his new film "Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning", Tom Cruise uses the moment on board a helicopter to send his fans Christmas greetings via Twitter from aloft.

Tom Cruise sent special Christmas greetings this year: "I don't want to end the year without thanking all of you for going to the cinema and supporting 'Top Gun: Maverik'," says the actor in a video he posted on August 14th published on Twitter on Sunday. In the clip, Cruise sits high above South Africa with a parachute on his back in front of the open door of a helicopter.

The 60-year-old is currently shooting the film “Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning” there.

Tom Cruise wishes "safe and happy holidays"
Director Christopher McQuarrie, who is sitting behind Cruise in the helicopter, interrupts him: "We have to get started now, we need this scene." Cruise then jumps out of the helicopter with the cameraman. In freefall, the 'Mission Impossible' star continued, "Where was I? Oh yeah, thank you for your support of 'Top Gun: Maverik' and for allowing us to chat. It's an honor life." As the ground draws closer, he adds, "I'm running out of height so I have to get back to work now. We need that scene. Have safe and happy holidays."

The next part of the agent thriller series "Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning" is scheduled to hit theaters on July 13, 2023.

In the video: Unbelievable sum – That's how much Tom Cruise should earn with "Top Gun 2".

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Jane Fonda turns 85 - and just keeps going

Los Angeles (AP) - Jane Fonda celebrated her 85th birthday and did without a big party with celebrity guests. "I'll be 85 on December 21, but I'm celebrating my birthday on November 10 in Atlanta with a fundraiser," the Hollywood icon told her two million Instagram followers at the end of October. Upon request, Fonda's management confirmed to the German Press Agency that no event was planned for the actual birthday.

Fonda had already dedicated her 80th birthday to her long-standing heart project. The income from the donation gala goes to her aid organization GCAPP, with which the actress and activist in the US state of Georgia supports adolescents, for example with programs to prevent teenage pregnancy.

Don't be afraid of getting older
You can't extend your life, but you can make it "broader and deeper," Fonda told the US magazine "People" in November. "I hope I can be an example to young people so that they are not afraid of getting older."

Fonda, who, in addition to acting, has been campaigning for peace, feminism and environmental protection since the 1960s, has remained a liberal activist. Wearing a bright red coat and red hat, she fought the crowd at a Fire Drill Fridays protest in Washington in early December. Fonda has been part of the demonstrations against climate change since 2019 and has been arrested several times.

Don't want to let cancer slow you down
She didn't want to let her cancer slow her down, she said in September when she let the public know via Instagram that she had been diagnosed with what is known as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She started chemotherapy and tolerated it quite well, wrote the two-time Oscar winner on the social network. Illness and treatment would not slow down her commitment to climate protection, she asserted. This is a very important time in human history to work together for change and for the future.

Even in front of the camera, Fonda is still involved at the age of 85. "What can I say? Lily Tomlin, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and I like to have a little fun!" she wrote on Instagram in mid-December alongside a movie poster for road trip comedy 80 for Brady, which is slated to hit theaters in February. The film, starring the gray-haired quartet of women (aged 76 to 91), is inspired by a true story. Four best friends traveled to the Super Bowl in 2017 to catch star quarterback Tom Brady. The American football superstar naturally plays in the strip.

Star-studded «80 for Brady»
This is how old friends Fonda and Tomlin (83) meet again, who have been shooting the Netflix comedy series “Grace and Frankie” for seven seasons since 2015. In it, they play longtime wives whose husbands unexpectedly come out as gay. Out of necessity, the manager and the art teacher move in together and master their new life together.

Fonda has a turbulent past. She was twelve years old when her mother took her own life. She grew up with her grandmother in the US state of Connecticut. As the daughter of stage and screen star Henry Fonda and sister to Peter Fonda, acting was in her blood. She learned her craft at the famous New York Actors Studio.

New York theater critics celebrated her in 1960 as "best young actress". In the romantic comedy "Tall Story" (1960) she stood in front of the film camera for the first time with Anthony Perkins. A little later she followed the French director Roger Vadim, who had previously discovered Brigitte Bardot, to Paris. He gave her several roles and made her a world-famous sex symbol with the erotic science fiction film "Barbarella".

For this she received her Oscars
Back in Hollywood, Fonda caught herself as a marathon dancer in the
Drama "Only horses are given the coup de grace" their first Oscar
Nomination. She won the coveted prize twice: in 1971 for her role as a prostitute in "Klute" and in 1978 for the Vietnam War drama "Coming Home". Films like "The China Syndrome" and the family drama "Am Goldenen See" followed - the first and only film in which Fonda appeared alongside her terminally ill father.

At the 2017 Venice Film Festival, Fonda and Robert Redford were honored with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. At the same time, they presented their new love film "Our Souls at Night", their fourth joint film after "A Man is Hunted", "Barefoot in the Park" and "The Electric Rider".

With aerobic videos, and later also with stretching and yoga, Fonda built up a fitness empire in the 1980s. Decades later, she received an artificial knee joint and a new hip. Last April she spoke about getting older. “I am very aware that I am closer to death. And I don't really mind that much," she said on the CBS Sunday Morning television show. "The fact is, at almost 85, I'm still alive and working. Wow! Who cares if I don't have my old joints anymore? And can no longer ski, bike or jog?” You can feel really old at 60 and “really young” at 85.

Three marriages, three children
The actress has been married three times. Fonda had a daughter with her first husband, Roger Vadim. She also had a biological son and an adopted daughter with activist and politician Tom Hayden. Fonda's third husband was media entrepreneur Ted Turner, from whom she divorced in 2001.


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Award-winning: MDR shows Ukrainian comedy in German for the first time

In 2020, the feature film debut of the Ukrainian director Antonio Lukitsch turned out to be a surprise success at the box office. Now the MDR has produced a German dubbed version of the comedy.

MDR has produced a German dubbed version of the award-winning Ukrainian film "My Thoughts Are Silent" (Ukrainian "Мої думки тихі"). The comedy, which can be seen on German TV for the first time on Monday, December 19, 10:35 p.m. on MDR under the title "The Animal Voice Collector or The Song of the Scheuen Mallard", won two Ukrainian Oscars in 2020, the "Golden Dzyga". , excellent.

The feature film debut of 30-year-old director Antonio Lukitsch, who also wrote the screenplay together with Valeria Kalchenko, is about Wadym (Andrij Lidahowskyi). The young sound designer lives in Kyiv and earns his money by recording all sorts of sounds and selling the sounds.

When one day an unusual order comes from Canada, Wadym senses big money: he is supposed to record the voice of the almost extinct shy mallard for a computer game. Since these are not available everywhere, Wadym is dependent on the help of his mother (Irma Witowska), who - unlike him - owns a car and a driver's license.

Also available in the ARD media library
The bizarre road trip by mother and son quickly became a cinema hit in the Ukraine. "Many films and series from Eastern Europe usually only find a small audience in Germany due to a lack of dubbing,"

explains Daniela Adomat, head of the MDR film and series department. In order to give the film more visibility here as well, MDR has now produced a German version. Well-known speakers such as Patrick Keller ("Enola Holmes 2", "Dead Girls Don't Lie") and Cathleen Gawlich ("Two and a Half Men", "Lucifer") could be won for this purpose.

After the TV broadcast, "The Animal Voice Collector or The Song of the Scheuen Mallard" can be viewed in the ARD media center for 30 days.


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Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Has he filmed the Bond opening yet?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is being tipped to be the next James Bond and has reportedly already directed a version of the 007 films' iconic gunshot opening.

Eon Productions will unveil the new star of the spy franchise in March 2023 after Daniel Craig (54) recently quit the Bond role. It's not officially confirmed yet, but the 'Kick-Ass' actor, 32, is said to have already filmed the iconic sequence, according to British newspaper 'The Sun'.

The Sun reported that Aaron had completed a "top secret screen test" for the role at Pinewood Studios. A source reportedly told the publication: "Aaron impressed the bosses so much that he got to shoot one of the series' famous teaser scenes, which all Bond actors do.

This step brings him one step closer to signing a contract. Brand executives were truly impressed by his unique blend of theatrical intensity and his impressive catalog of action films.”

Aaron, who has starred in 'Tenet' and 'Bullet Train', now has a 4/5 chance of bookmaker William Hill nominating him as the next 007. Earlier this year, Idris Elba reportedly left talks of becoming the next 007 to pursue "his own movie franchise." With Idris out of the running, Henry Cavill, 39, and Rege-Jean Page, 34, were considered bookmakers' favorites for the role, but it's been reported that producers want the new Bond to be under 40 and taller than 1.80 m.

Richard Madden, 36, and James Norton, 37, are also said to be in pole position for the role, while the alleged height requirement appears to rule out previous candidates such as Taron Egerton, 33, John Boyega, 30, and 35-year-old Kit Harington. Filming on the next film is scheduled to begin in winter 2023.

Chainsaw Man Ep 10

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James McAvoy 'doesn't want to live to work'

James McAvoy (43) has been a sought-after actor in recent years - for example in several "X-Men" films or in series like "His Dark Materials". But now the Briton would like to shift down a gear, as he indicated in an interview with the British Sunday newspaper "The Observer".

Why is he taking a slower approach to business after around two decades of hard work? "Because I'm old," McAvoy replies with a grin. He worked a lot as an actor and loved it, "but I don't want to live to work".

The industry is great and has given him a great life, but it is based "on the self-sacrificing nature of the performance. The film or TV industry, they just use you up".

24 hours on set
McAvoy has already put in 24-hour shifts several times. Then you ask yourself how that could even be legal. He doesn't want to end up like Bill Murray's (72) character in "Lost in Translation" - basically a busy actor estranged from his wife and children.

McAvoy recently got to a point where he had to ask himself whether he wanted to continue climbing the career ladder or just enjoy acting and take a step back. "You have to slow down a bit," he summarizes.

The actor is said to have become the father of a boy again not too long ago - which could explain why he wanted to switch gears is speculated in the published interview. McAvoy has not yet commented on this.

At the beginning of the year he at least confirmed to the "Guardian" that he had married his partner Lisa Liberati. He was previously married to his colleague Anne-Marie Duff (52), with whom he has a son.

It's just not possible to be present as a family member when you're making films every week and month of the year, says McAvoy.

It's different in the theater. As an actor, you are more available there, at least during the day, even if you are on stage maybe six days a week in the evening. Film and TV drains you, but it's also a joy for him and he loves it: "But I can't spend all my days on set."


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