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Michelle Yeoh stars in new Star Trek movie

A new Star Trek movie is coming. As reported by various US media, including "Variety", Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh (60) will play the leading role in "Star Trek: Section 31". The streaming film, which will be released on Paramount+, is a spin-off of the popular series Star Trek: Discovery. A start is not expected until next year at the earliest.

This is Star Trek: Section 31
Since 2019, the "Discovery" offshoot "Section 31" has been in development at Paramount+ as a series project. As "Variety" reports, Yeoh will join the secret service within Starfleet called Section 31 as Philippa Georgiou in the now announced streaming film. The aim of the secretive espionage department is to protect the Federation in the shadows and with unconventional methods.

"I am beyond thrilled to be returning to my Star Trek family and the role I have loved for so long," Yeoh said in a statement. The 60-year-old, who won earlier this year's Academy Award for Best Actress for the multiverse masterpiece Everything Everywhere All at Once, has appeared on Star Trek: Discovery since the first episode in 2017 . The hit series re-established the "Star Trek" series universe in the streaming age on the Paramount+ streaming service (formerly CBS All Access).

According to Variety, filming of Star Trek: Section 31 will begin in 2023. A start of the streaming film should be imminent after the end of the series "Star Trek: Discovery", although nothing has been officially confirmed here. The show's fifth and final season is scheduled to premiere on Paramount+ early next year.


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Legal dispute: Chris Cornell's widow Vicky and the band settle

The years-long legal battle between Chris Cornell's (1964-2017) widow, Vicky Cornell, and his former Soundgarden bandmates has come to an end. Both parties shared a statement on Instagram on Monday, announcing an "amicable out-of-court settlement" after years of back-and-forth. It also announced the release of previously unheard material recorded by Chris Cornell before his death in May 2017.

"Soundgarden and Vicky Cornell are pleased to announce, on behalf of Chris Cornell's legacy, that they have reached an amicable, out-of-court settlement. The reconciliation marks a new partnership between the two parties, making it possible for Soundgarden fans around the world will be able to hear the final songs that the band and Chris were working on," the statement said. "The two parties come together to advance, honor and build on the incredible legacy of Soundgarden and Chris' indelible mark on music history as one of the greatest songwriters and singers of all time."

"Ridiculous" vs. "aggressive"
Vicky Cornell first sued Soundgarden in 2019 for royalties and the rights to seven unreleased songs. At the time, the band argued that the songs belonged to the group as they had been recorded in preparation for a new Soundgarden album.

Then, in 2021, Vicky filed a lawsuit seeking a court appraisal of her late husband's interest in the band and associated properties, believing that the $300,000 settlement Soundgarden offered her in October 2020 was "ridiculously low".

Months later, Soundgarden responded in court, accusing Vicky of "aggressively trying to tarnish the Soundgarden legacy... and the reputation of the surviving band members who loved Cornell like a brother".

Vicky and the "Black Hole Sun" singer married in 2004. The couple had their daughter Toni (18) and their son Christopher (17). Cornell was also the father of daughter Lillian, 22, from a previous relationship. The US musician took his own life on May 18, 2017.

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"Tatort: Hidden": The character of Jon Makoni is so real

For the 10th anniversary of the "Tatort" commissioner Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring, 55), the makers chose a highly explosive and current topic. Screenwriter Julia Drache shows the sometimes depressing existence of people in Germany without papers: "The worst thing is this hopelessness that people find themselves in." That's why, according to Drache, the drama in "Verborgen" is in the foreground. The main focus of the story is the fate of Jon Makoni. A well-integrated man who, eleven years after fleeing from Zimbabwe to Germany, has still not received official status. The role is embodied by actor Alois Moyo (56), who brought his own experiences to the Sunday evening thriller.

"My personal experiences have flowed into the film," said Moyo in advance. He also comes from Zimbabwe and was politically persecuted there. In 2001 he got his first contacts to Germany through an art project. From there, however, he first traveled on to England and applied for asylum there, which was rejected. He was then deported to Germany at the age of 35: "I couldn't work legally as an artist and would have liked to go to theater or film school." At that time, however, refugees were not allowed to work or study: "You go crazy, really. It was a difficult time."

He commuted between Zimbabwe and Germany for ten years and was later able to work in this country with an artist visa. In 2007 he produced his first play in Germany with "Afrika Montage": "Since then I have also acted in several TV productions." Moyo has had a German passport for four years. He still has a lot in common with his role, not just his origins and contacts in Great Britain. Jon has the identical attitude: "There is worse, better than nothing! That's what I thought at the time too."

Alois Moyo made a film with Morgan Freeman and Daniel Craig
Incidentally, Moyo was very moved by the shooting of "Verborgen". When playing, he even had tears in his eyes: "This film means a lot to me, because I feel like Jon." The "crime scene" also tells his story and he thinks it's good that millions of viewers can now get an idea of how difficult it is for refugees to live in Germany without papers.

Incidentally, his first "Tatort" role was not his engagement in "Verborgen". In 2015, Moyo was seen alongside Wotan Wilke Möhring. At that time he played the role of the asylum seeker Bashir in the crime film "Burned". However, Moyo made what is by far his best-known film long before he fled Africa to Europe: In 1992 he was in the drama "In the Glory of the Sun" alongside Hollywood stars such as Morgan Freeman (85) and Daniel Craig (55) seen in a smaller role.

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Renata Lusin experiences an emotional return to "Let's Dance"

Renata Lusin lost her baby a few weeks ago. The professional dancer has now returned to the "Let's Dance" floor. The evening was so emotional for her.

The current "Let's Dance" episode last Friday evening was very emotional for Renata Lusin (35). She returned to the TV floor after suffering a miscarriage a few weeks ago. On Instagram she tells how she experienced the evening.

"It was just so emotional for me," Lusin explains in an Instagram story published on April 15. The short clip was apparently made right after her appearance at the beginning of the show on Friday. "I just cried through it, it was so, so, so nice to dance. Oh my god I'm so grateful."

In an interview with RTL, shortly before the show, she made her anticipation of her "Let's Dance" comeback clear: "During the rehearsals I had goosebumps all over my body. I was so radiant, I don't know how it is tonight will. I'll probably explode."

In another Instagram post, Lusin also writes about her comeback: "I literally exploded with happiness and joy. It was so much fun. [...] It was so emotional for me. I'm sometimes amazed by myself . But I can't describe the feeling to you." Many of her fans are very impressed by Lusin's performance in the comments and are already hoping that Renata will dance regularly again in the next season.

Renata Lusin allowed herself "only one day of sadness and tears"
Shortly before, the 35-year-old, whose husband Valentin Lusin (36) is dancing with Anna Ermakova (23) in the current season, told the "Bild" newspaper that she had suffered three miscarriages within a year. The couple announced the pregnancy earlier than they would have liked. Because Renata Lusin didn't want to lie about why she wasn't taking part in the current "Let's Dance" season. "Normally at such an early stage - it was the sixth or seventh week - I would not have told anyone about it," explained Lusin. Her doctor banned her from dancing.

"After each of these miscarriages, I only allowed myself one day of mourning and tears, after that it had to go on," said Lusin. "Probably my body protects me from feelings that are too dark." Meanwhile, she explained to the broadcaster: "I cried for a day or two and that was it." Lusin is obviously optimistic about the future: "I'll get pregnant quickly, [...] that's why I'm positive and know that it will definitely work."

RTL (also on RTL+) shows the eighth live show of the current 16th season of "Let's Dance" on April 21 from 8:15 p.m.


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Fans storm at cast of 'Lilo & Stitch' live-action adaptation

Disney fans have slammed the cast of upcoming live-action Lilo & Stitch. In it, Sydney Agudong (22, "Infamously in Love") will play Lilo's sister Nani, which annoys some. Agudong, while of Hawaiian descent, does not live up to the portrayal of Nani in the 2002 animated series, critics argue. There the character had darker skin, black hair and other ethnic characteristics.

That's what the 2002 series Lilo & Stitch was about
A blue alien disguised as a dog lands on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. It is adopted there by a little girl named Lilo. She lives with her older sister Nani after her parents died in a car accident. Stitch's destructive nature keeps getting Lilo and Nani in trouble.

Nani wants to provide a stable, safe environment for her little sister. The social worker Cobra Bobo is constantly breathing down their necks. That's why Nani is trying, among other things, to find a permanent job...

"Whitewashing" accusation against Disney
A Twitter user wrote: "The conflict in Lilo and Stitch, which centers on the colonialist state's attempt to tear apart the small 'broken' Hawaiian family, is made even clearer by the fact that both girls are darker-skinned. Casting the role the Nani with a light-skinned Hawaiian woman stands in the way."

Another user finds: "Lilo and Stitch represent dark-skinned people of color." Nani's occupation with Agudong is a form of "whitewashing". It's something Disney always does.

The critics also do not accept the argument that Disney cast an African-American leading actress in the live-action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid" (2023). After all, Arielle's submission did not refer to cultural origin. That was clearly the case with "Lilo & Stitch". "You're comparing oranges to apples," tweeted one commenter.

Criticism was already pouring down on the live action film "Aladdin".
It's not the first time Disney has been criticized for casting decisions in live-action remakes. This happened in 2019 with "Aladdin", where Naomi Scott (29) played Princess Jasmine as a British actress of Indian descent. Jasmine was the first dark-skinned Disney princess in the 1992 animated film.


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